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Each week, the team at Learn French offers a range of free resources directly to your inbox. Our French language resources allow you to expand on your current knowledge with cultural notes, as well as tips and tricks that teach you how to speak French like a natural. The perfect accompaniment to our French lessons, our free resources make learning French simple and effective. Our goal is to have you comfortable conversing in French with confidence no matter where you are.

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Are you stuck on a particular grammar issue? Do you need extra help to master your first French conversation? Your French tutor at Learn French can help. With our resources, you can discover new techniques in memorizing your verbs, as well as master the art of constructing complex sentences in the most natural way. Our free resources are perfect for learning French for beginners as they enhance and extend your current knowledge of the language. Learn the differences between common adverbs, master complex pronunciations, and test your knowledge.

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With Learn French, you have access to an extensive range of online French courses and free resources that allow you to learn French online from the comfort of your own home. Our resources are designed to have you conversing confidently in French with ease. Join our students and start learning French by subscribing today!